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Javascript User Group Meetup


Saturday, March 16th, 10:30-13:00


Swissnex India

26 Rest House Crescent Road

Bangalore 560 001


10:30 - Gathering and light refreshments.

11:00 - First talk by Lightning Talks.

11:45 - Short break and networking.

12:15 - Closing talk by Prateek Dayal.

13:00 - End.

Lightning Talks


Gaurav Tiwari (@gauravtiwari505) - Papyrus Editor,
Santhosh Rajan (@santoshrajan) - Lispyscript,
Maulik Suchak (@ermauliks) -,
Praveen Kumar (@apnerve) - MIDI.js,
Ankur Agarwal (@debuggify) - Debuggify,
Rakesh Pai (@rakesh314) - Cumin

Prateek Dayal

Prateek is co-founder at SupportBee

Structuring Single Page Applications